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Beach Weddings


The natural beauty, romanticism, exuberance and peace of Costa Rica is seducing more and more couples who are deciding to start their lives together in a poetic and unforgettable way.

The paradisiacal beaches of the Gulf of Papagayo are perfect for those who want their wedding to be something remembered forever.

Just over a year ago Lauren and Joshua were in her apartment in Manhattan in the middle of their second meeting with a known event manager who was planning their wedding.

As the planner went over the long list of features that he would offer them for the wedding, Joshua, the groom-to-be, was bored out of his mind. He had gotten up from the table a number of times and was pacing restlessly around the room when he laid his eyes on the cover of a magazine with the silhouette of someone sitting in front of the sea. 
As the wedding planner offered them choirs, flowers, artists, candelabras and other frills, Joshua interrupted him. “Waves. I want waves, wind and sand. Can you give us that?”

Both Lauren and the wedding planner shot him strange looks. Joshua excused himself and suggested that it might be better if they continued the meeting another day. When the wedding planner left, he turned to his fiancé “Why don’t we get married on the beach?”  She replied baffled, “Here? In New York?” “No, there,” he responded, “in Costa Rica”, pointing at the magazine.

She liked the idea, but they had already paid an advance to the wedding planner and there were only four months until the big day. It was madness!
However, Joshua wasn’t about to give up looking into the matter. He found out that to get married abroad would still turn out less expensive than the wedding they had originally planned, even though they would be loosing the advance they had paid. With that, Lauren said yes (for the second time) and from then on, it was a whole new story. 
Instead of having 200 guests, they decided to invite 60 of their closest friends and family. Three weeks later, they arrived in Costa Rica and arranged the details.
 They kept the original date, but changed the setting from one night in a centrally located and deluxe hotel in Times Square, to a magical tropical beach at sunset. It was as if suddenly all the stress of getting married in the city had disappeared, leaving behind a new sensation filled with harmony and relaxation.
Joshua and Lauren got married seven months ago on a gorgeous Guanacaste beach. The whole experience was filled with nuances, aromas and emotions and will be an unforgettable part of their new life together and something that their guests will always remember.

And as the icing on the cake, their honeymoon was full of romance and adventure.

The first days of their lives together were spent hand in hand with nature, gazing at incredible sunsets or walking through exuberant forests. Canopy tours, Spas and horseback riding led to unforgettable emotions and a plethora of stories to tell when they returned home.

This couple’s particular experience is by no means exceptional. More and more couples are having the privilege of making their wedding even more special. Getting married on the beach is turning into quite the fashion, and a good one at that.
The Gulf of Papagayo has also turned into a preferential destination.

As a wedding and honeymoon destination, Costa Rica has been recognized from such important media as Modern Bride, Wedding Style Magazine and The Wedding Channel and has being rated as a top ten destination in the world.


Recommended wedding planner:    

Costa Rica Paradise Wedding
(506) 2215 1490 / 8394 3257



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