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After living in Guanacaste for 8 years and frequently going out to explore its different corners, I still continue to discover new routes and new treasures. Guanacaste has many activities, which insure that its visitors have fun and can find all the adventure, pleasure and relaxation they came for. Come join us on a visual tour and discover what Guanacaste has to offer.

Then decide how will you spend your days in this magic province…


 >Contacts for each activity bellow


Horseback Riding: An adventure for the  whole family. Tour paths and trails running through the forests and plains of Guanacaste ending on a white sand beach or at one of the many hidden waterfalls in the jungle.

Hot Springs: How neat...enjoy naturally warm water while comfortably seated with a tropical cocktail in your hand... sounds so good!


Bull Riding: What do you think about sitting on a bull? Do you dare?  OK, you don’t have to actually ride them, but don’t miss the rodeos of Guanacaste..  They are quite a party!

Restaurants: And of course, all of this makes you hungry. But you are in luck! Guanacaste has an extensive number of gastronomic options.  So take a seat and....bon appetite!


Canopy: One of Costa Rica’s favorite activities, filled with adrenaline and close contact with wildlife.  Let yourself hang from the trees and fly through the forest!

Parasailing: You like to look at the world from a different perspective.  How about from 40 meters above the ocean?

Rappelling: ... and if you like hanging, there is even another option for an adventure with a harness: The waterfall flows rapidly in the middle of the jungle while you descend slowly next to it...


Surf: You know: Tamarindo, Witchs Rock, Ollies Point… Does it sound familiar? All these world-famous surf spots are in Guanacaste. If you like waves, Guanacaste is the  place to be.

Sport Fishing: Fisherman seeking a good fight will find it here.... Large Marlins, Sailfish, Tunas and Mahi-Mahi are all great gladiators awaiting you in the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Golf: Golfing next to the ocean, surrounded by tropical virgin forests? Of course you can play golf in Guanacaste!!! 4 Courses are waiting for you and 3 more are coming soon.


Massage: Yes, we know, this is a hard life.... But it doesn’t have to be for the duration of your visit to Guanacaste...

Sunbathing:  You are not going back to the city  pale, are you?  With over 200 guaranteed sunny days,  you will be the envy of your friends back home upon your return from Guanacaste...

Hammock: Following the massage, a swim in the ocean and then... straight to a hammock!!  If you relax and enjoy it, you have passed your admission exam to understanding the philosophy of the Pura Vida.



Diving:  If you dive you most likely have heard about Playas del Coco, the Bat Islands, or The Catalina’s. And if you don’t dive...What the #&% are you waiting for?  It’s awesome!

Caves: And what about walking several meters below Guanacaste’s skin?  Discover a door to the entrails of Guanacaste at the Barra Honda National Park.


Looking up:  Look around you.  In Guanacaste, life has been turned loose...

Looking down:  And sometimes...they will come up to meet you personally!


Walking: On the beach, walk in the towns, walk in the forests... walk Guanacaste.


Quads: Motorized adrenaline and access to places reserved for the most adventurous.


Jet skiing:  An option of aquatic speed and marine adrenaline...

Kayaking:  A journey for the soul...Soft and harmonious...Bordering the coast, many isolated beaches wait for you....

Sailing:  The winds of Guanacaste are generous.  Let yourself glide on the water with only the sound of the wind and a smile on your face...


Ultralight airplane:  Are you a tourist with your sights set high? An aerial tour will let you see a panoramic view of Guanacaste...


What else does Guanacaste offer?

A world class Marina, International Airport (LIR) , 6 National Parks, a well developed tourism infrastructure, hundreds of beaches, urban centers, indigenous and colonial heritage, a complete offering of products and services, very friendly  people,  beautiful sunsets and many things to do and places to see.

How do I contact all these services? 

Easy! Here goes a list with more than 30 options and links for you to contact them.


Congo Trail (506) 26664422

Papagayo Floating and Canopy:

(506) 2665 8458

Arenal Canopy Tour (506) 2479 9769


 Summer Salt: 2670 0308 Playas del Coco

Deep Blue diving: 2670 1004 P. del Coco

Diving Safaris: 2672 1260 Playa Hermosa y Playas del Coco

Rich Coast Diving: 2670 0176 Playas del Coco y P. Hermosa

Caves &

Echo Tours:  8372 4160 / 2670 0690
Golf Follow this link for an Utopia Magazine article
on all Guanacaste's golf courses

Horseback Riding

Haras del Mar: (506)  2697 0101

Hacienda Guachipelín: (506) 2666 8075

Blue River Resort: 2206 5000


Kuna Vela: 8301 3030

SeaBird Sailing Excursions:  8880 6393

Quads tour Coco Extreme: 8886 0712 / 8886 0767 Playas del Coco

Hightide: 2653 0108 Tamarindo


Tabacón Resort: 2460 2020

Baldí: 2479 9917 

Blue River Thermas and Spa. 2206 5000

Puretrek Canyoning (506) 2479 1313

Cañón de La Vieja Lodge (506) 2665 5912


Jet ski

Coco sea sports: 2670 1514 P. del Coco

Hightide: 2653 0108 / 2653 0640 Tamarindo


Pura Vida Parasailing (506) 8887 5884



Follow this link to see

Utopia Magazine Restaurant Guide.


Hightide: 2653 0108 Tamarindo

Coco sea sports: 2670 1514 Playas del Coco

Sport fishing

Ocotal Fishing: (506)  2670 0321 

Papagayo Sport fishing: (506) 8331 2731

Aerial tour

Ultralight Tour2656 8048 /8827 8858 Tamarindo


Aguas de Hermosa Spa: 2672 1386 Playa Hermosa

Blue River Spa:  2206 5000 Rincón de la Vieja

Spa Cala Luna: 2653 0214 Tamarindo



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