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Medical Tourism Cluster

   in Guanacaste

Although the Clinical Hospital San Rafael (see article here) has focused on the Guanacastecan family, in its vision for the future it has not ignored another business possibility; a seed that has been planted in the area in recent years but that has not quite germinated yet:  Medical tourism.

With the classic philosophy that is typical of Dr. Walbin Sanchez, barely within months of the inauguration of the new hospital, he got started on a new and ambitious goal;  to join forces with representatives of ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute), organizations such as CATURGUA (Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism) and CALITUR (Liberia Chamber of Tourism), directors of the hotel industry, tour operators, airlines, rent a car and companies in the financial, legal and marketing services to coordinate the promotion of the Chorotega Region and position it as one of the most attractive and competitive medical tourism destinations in America.

The propitious and healthy conditions offered by the area sunny, year-round warm climate, pure air, home to the largest “Blue Zone” in the planet and short distances between the medical centers and the hotels/residential centers, make for ideal conditions for the recovery of patients and the enjoyment and comfort of their companions.

This paired with a strategically located modern international airport, a solid platform of tourist, financial and housing services, hospitals such as San Rafael, CIMA and others in the project stage, added to an extensive choice of tourist activities, seal the equation of a destination that encompasses everything needed to quickly become a top destination for medical tourism in the American continent. The raw material has been available for some time, but these first collaborative meetings have started the wheels turning.

Given the history and vision that this entrepreneurial doctor has demonstrated in all the projects he has carried out, the support he has received has been immediate and absolute.

The creation of a “regional image and brand” such as a privileged health area, will be followed by the potential for national and international patient traffic.  This will directly benefit the tourism and medical services but also it will have the capacity to stimulate many other links in the production and labor chain in the region.  It will create concurrently the opportunity for new small and medium size businesses invited to provide a series of parallel micro-services that will be required by this type of industry.

Health tourism spends more, stays longer, distributes its expenditure better and is less seasonal than vacation tourism.  Clearly this is something that all the people of Guanacaste must visualize and support.  A regional project that can be translated into a much healthier future for the province, a project in which everyone is invited to find opportunities and add solutions.

Province B®and

Would you like to contribute ideas? 
You can do it now!

For the moment  “Guanacaste: Health City” has been proposed as the destination brand.

Clean and direct.  Do you like it? Do you have some other ideas?  We invite you to be part of this process and submit your opinion and ideas for the “Province B®and”.

You can contribute by leaving your opinion on this article in our website at:  Guanacaste Medical Cluster

Requirements for your suggestions:
- It must imply Health/Tourism/Wellbeing
- It must contain province identity
- Words in English or Spanish that can be universally understood

Here are some ideas that we propose:
“Guanacaste Heals You”
“Guanacaste: Health, Fun and Sun”
“Guanacaste: Extend your Life”
“Chorotega Health Extension Zone”
“Guanacaste:  Years up!”

It doesn’t matter whether your ideas are truly crazy or very sane.  All have potential so don’t be shy and give your opinion or cast your vote for the different ideas that are submitted.

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Allan Miller ( 09/08/2013
Go Guanacaste!


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