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Guanacaste's Top Spots

 Guanacaste is the tourist jewell of the country, where one can find a wide arrange of beautiful places and original activities. Here, the stars of the zone.

1.- Tens of paradisiacal beaches

Some are white, others brown or gray or black but whichever their    color might be, each beach has its unique charm. Guanacaste has a total of over 125 miles of beaches, usually with abundant vegetation and wild life.  Guanacaste, with sunshine guaranteed for over half of the year, is the perfect destination for those who want to spend their vacation relaxing by the sea.



2.- Barra Honda Caves


This national park hides under ground a treasure of caverns that astound with their spectacular beauty.  Additionally, the biodiversity of this park and its impressing lookout point over the Gulf of Nicoya, turns a visit to it into an experience that is unique and full of rich nuances.



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3.- Rincón de la Vieja National Park



Visiting the area of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano is perfect to enjoy different activities in one single location: canopy, a 400 mts. water slide, thermal waters, mud baths, wildlife sighting and horseback riding.

According to the local residents, the indians named the volcano in honor of an old witch that used to live on the top of the mountain and used to send out smoke columns when she got angry.


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4.- Liberia.


The "White City" stores much of the memories of colonial Guanacaste.  Its streets speak of the history and its history tells us about the culture and customs that molded a large portion of the province.  Daily life still goes on placidly in Liberia, moving along with no hurry between modern and traditional life.
Today, as the capital of a hospitable province, it opens its spirit to the visitors and invites them to get to know closely the Guanacastecan identity in is diverse manifestations.


5.- Volcán Tenorio & Rio Celeste


This volcano is almost 2 kilometers high and is surrounded by an exuberant rainforest through which descends this river with the color of the sky.
Fumaroles and thermal fountains are other attractions of this park that counts among its inhabitants most of the felines and other large mammals of the country.  One can raft down the Tenorio River and visit the nearby Maleku Indian Reservation to encounter one of the native cultures of Costa Rica.






6.- Tamarindo


This active coastal community is the epicenter of surfing in Costa Rica.  One also finds in its vicinity the largest nesting area of the gigantic leatherback turtles.  






7.- Arenal Volcano & Lake


This is one of most active volcanoes in America, surrounded by magnificent views of the rainforest and with the Arenal Lake at its feet.  Located in the surrounding area are the 2 most famous and complete thermal centers in the country.




8.- Palo Verde


This extensive area of wetlands in the basin of the Tempisque River is the favorite resting area for innumerable birds migrating north or south.  It is also the permanent shelter of a wide variety of reptiles, mammals and many local birds.  Its very large number of guests and the 13 types of habitat that it encompasses make it one of the greatest ecologically rich areas in the country.  
The birds show themselves with no inhibitions year round, but during the dry season, silently cruising on a boat, the possibility of seeing the large mammals such as deer, jaguarondis (a big cat), raccoons and wild boars increases tremendously as they come closer with a greater frequency to the shores to drink or feed.

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9.- Golfo de Papagayo

The Papagayo gulf area, is the favorite spot for tourist in northern Costa Rica, where one can find a large number of virgin beaches, bays, peninsulas and coastal towns forming a privileged destination which shelters an ample variety of activities and lodging options from luxurious 5 stars hotels to rustic beach cabins.

The two communities that are the axis of the Gulf are Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco, where visitors will be able to find all the services and the fun required for unforgettable vacations.

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