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Jogging is in fashion!

Every day we see more and more people jogging, enjoying feeling free and wholesome. Others with some extra pounds build courage and in every occasion do the best effort to maintain a good pace… hoping not to fall to the ground with an asthma attack.



Some go with their dogs, others with the fiancé, the stroller or alone listening to music.

Advanced adepts in the subject display the latest technologies; like cardiac monitors, motion sensors, hydration bags, mini GPS, anti-sweat clothes or ultra-light footwear.

Nevertheless, it only takes running shoes and shorts,

and not even that if you choose to jog at the beach.  And I mean to do without the shoes, not without the short… although a nude race at the beach would be hilarious. Would you sign in? Open inscriptions! Ha ha ha.

Of course it is also an option to go fully equipped; showing off the newest toys, colorful clothes and hip designs.


Jokes aside, this is a very positive fashion inspired by good values and intentions and also good side effects. 

A tendency worthy to follow and to support, specially nowadays when the diet is not the healthiest and overweight has become a problem of public health at a global level.



To jog…Yes! But… Where? When? And with whom?  

Relax…we, the beginners are not alone in this. In the last years the phenomenon has been encouraged and made massive by the spontaneous appearance of organized races in every corner of the planet. 


This abundance of events has been doubly positive because it has made the organizers, in quest of standing out, offer new shades and additives with concepts more and more original, entertaining or challenging.


The invitations and proposals have diversified with ideas tailored to all interests and capacities, and spread amongst housewives, clerks, students, children and old people wanting to go out and get carried away by the good vibes that accompany these events.


Everybody can participate and enjoy; that is the essence.

For the great majority…winning is the least important.


In addition to the contribution to public health, these races are also usually dedicated to promote good causes or to support communitarian projects.


For example the Race Against Cancer that once a year, for the last decade, has been celebrated in Paseo Colón in San Jose; the Raw Outdoor, a race against bullying in Santa Ana, or the Race of Playas del Coco, that with the profits will build a public playground for kids at the boardwalk where the event takes place.


The craziest races on Earth:


Urbanathlon: It started as a game between friends, and today it is a franchise that operates in the heart of big cities around the globe. It consists in overtaking urban obstacles such as stacks of tires, construction areas, crossing buses, climb water tanks, to walk over crashed cars, underneath trucks or even by the culverts!


Color Run: Also well known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, it has a single requirement: To wear white clothes and be willing to end coated with natural dyes of all colors, thrown abundantly throughout the route.


Spartan Race: Much more challenging, this one is reserved for advanced athletes with gladiator spirit and perhaps a little bit of martyr spirit…


This race of obstacles is designed to defeat the character of the runners, who must surpass really extreme challenges. Some of their main attractions are to climb slippery walls, carry heavy sacks while walking on soft mud, walk along balance beams, throw heavy spears and cross through large areas on fire.


Commander Challenge: Another challenging competition born in Mexico for experts in survival.  A military style race in a wild environment with a circuit that includes forests, swamps, waterfalls, sandbanks and big rivers; all intensified with creative obstacles added by the organizers.


Neon Run / NeonVibe / Neon Lights: These are several nocturnal races done in many countries, where the runners compete against the dark, illuminated by a few lights, a lot of fluorescent paint and several kilometers of glow sticks distributed between the runners; untying an artistic explosion and healthy competition. In addition to exercising, the participants compete for the coolest look.

Zombie Race: Perhaps the funniest and most original race so far, done meanwhile in the United Kingdom and Argentina. The objective is to get to the finish line before the zombies (volunteers thirsty for blood) take all your “lives”. The “lives” are red pieces that the runners wear in different parts of the body, and the idea is to have at least one by the time the participant finishes the race.



Costa Rica also runs…


Guanacaste, and Costa Rica in general, is not left behind; along with the rapidly growing amount of fans has also increased the number of races, specialized websites and the media coverage that the events receive. Here some of most outstanding, although the list is much more extensive.


Zoom Night Race:  One of the most famous nocturnal races of the country, celebrated in Cartago, where instead of disposable glow sticks or suspicious fluorescent dusts, the runners receive reusable LED lanterns for the race. 

More information:


North Face Endurance Challenge: Rincon de la Vieja Volcano was elected in 2013 as the Latin American venue for this prestigious race, that develops in the midst of a spectacular natural scene; climbing up the skirts of the volcano, in rocky footpaths, rivers, hills, forests and waterfalls.

More Information:


Tamarindo Beach Marathon: This well-known beach marathon starts before the sun rises and, in addition to the 42k marathon, offers four other categories of less difficulty. Its quality and good organization has made echo even outside Costa Rica, and year after year increases the number of international and local athletes that participate. 

For more info:


Recreational Race of Playas del Coco: This 10k or 5k family-oriented race goes through the beach and the beautiful boardwalk downtown, providing the runners with fresh ocean breezes and colorful sunsets.

More information:


How running affects body and mind? 

- Stimulates the utilization of all pulmonary capacity.

- Strengthens the bones.

- Improves good cholesterol levels.

- Stimulates metabolic performance.

- Reduces the risk of clot formation in the blood stream.

- Slows down the aging process.

- Relieves stress and boosts self-esteem.

- Contributes to weight loss.

- Improves sexual performance.

- Boosts immune system.


Don’t take it too far…


 - Dehydration during exercise can cause lethargy, confusion, headaches, cramps or even vomits. Two hours before running drink half glass of water (100ml) every ½ hour. During the race drink small amounts every so often; and be careful with ingesting excessive amounts of water without electrolytes since it can lower the amount of sodium in the blood and triggers symptoms similar to those of the dehydration; reason why it is recommended to consume isotonic drinks.  If you prefer regular water complement with electrolytes.


- In some cases, excessive running can cause hip pain and arthritis. Ask for professional advise before committing to an exercise program.


-                Running mainly fortifies muscles of the legs and hip, reason why it is also important to exercise the muscles of the upper body with complementary exercises.


If you feel inspired visit this website where you will find detailed information and a calendar with all the related events scheduled in the country.




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