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If you come to Costa Rica, bring extra shoes… 


One day Lisa Garrett had the opportunity to bring a donation of 80 pairs of shoes from her country of origin and coordinate the delivery to children in need in Guanacaste. That donation was a one time only opportunity, but given the answer of the children and the detected necessities, she decided to transform the idea into a permanent program. With the support of local teachers and Children’s Well-Being Center, they have been identifying the necessities and expanding their reach.

“If you come for a  vacation bring shoes for the children. Those kids will live a little better thanks to you. They will be happy to go to school with good shoes, to play soccer without injuring or simply to have footwear that fits them. There are many children who walk around with wrong size shoes because they wear hand-me-downs shoes from siblings” explains Lisa.

This American based in Costa Rica has a long record in social aid and fund raising for international programs, but this time she has decided not to accept monetary donations but only shoes (new or with little use; black for school, tennis shoes and/or shoes for soccer, for children 5 to 15 years).

The program is ambitious and is expected in the near future to have dozens of volunteers in communities all over the country.

We invite you to put yourself in the shoes of these children and join this noble cause as a donor or volunteer.

Next time you come to Guanacaste, bring extra shoes in your suitcase and make many kids happy.

And if you live here, next time you go shopping add some shoes to your list and contact Lisa, who will coordinate the reception and delivery of your donation or bring them directly to the addresses below:   

Contact:  -  (506) 8710 4350 

Pick up points:

Liberia: Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. 200 Metros Sur de la Antigua Gobernación. / Bilingual Stellar institute. (200 Meters South of the Antigua Gobernación)

Playas del Coco: Tienda Sea Hag en Coco Beach Plaza / Sea Hag Store at Coco Beach Plaza

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