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Playas del Coco enjoys its


It was an old dream of all “coqueños”.  A prettier beachfront, a place to go for a walk, an area of encounter, of sports, of sunsets and… a place for romance.

All that has been accomplished with the new pedestrian walkway appropriately named “Amor de Temporada” (Seasonal Love) in remembrance of a well-known song by Hector Zuñiga, whose inspiration was Playas del Coco. 

The new promenade has changed the face of Coco and at the same time, renewed its spirit.

The people quickly made the park their own and now, on a daily basis, there are hundreds of “coqueños” and visitors enjoying it.  People are having picnics, reading books, riding their bicycles, enjoying a “Copo” (the tasty local version of a snowball), walking their dogs, playing basketball or volleyball, showing off fancy moves on a skateboard and just conversing with one of their neighbors who they haven’t see on the beach in years…

 President Chinchilla and mayor Cantillo cutting the inaugural ribbon.

Arriving at the beach through downtown Coco is now a very different experience. Even from a distance you can see the ocean, not the ugly, decaying buildings that used to litter the beachfront. One can see the Pelonas Islands, the sun, the sky, the clouds and those magic sunsets that have made this beach famous.

The development process was long and somewhat controversial. 

Today, however, “coqueños” have left all that in the past. 



If you are curious, read the history of the promenades unfolding in these prior articles at:

Now everyone jumps for joy and with good reason.

This promenade is just the first step in a comprehensive overhaul that promises to bring the sorely lagging urban and recreational infrastructure of the community up to date. (See interview with the county’s mayor here).

Today El Coco looks at the future with optimism while enjoying its present even more. 

The town is happy.  As are the tourists…

What do you think of this new coastal promenade? 

Angela Pierce, British tourist.                 

It’s very impressive and a pleasant surprise we were not expecting.  We came here 2 years ago and, honestly, we didn’t much like what we saw in this area of the town. This time when we got here a week ago our jaws dropped when we saw the change. Good for Coco! Yesterday we even played volleyball with some cute guys that invited us to join in…


Maria Agustina ‘Tina’ Castañeda.

Wow…Fantastic and it has been a big success since its opening. One can appreciate a lot more activity here on the beach; the difference is noticeable. People, tourists and locals alike, are coming out more frequently to walk on the beach…

And the “copo” sales, they have increased?  

Mmm… A lot!

Jose Mauricio Espinoza 

Very pretty, I think it’s just perfect.  Now, one can enjoy the beachfront more, and the park is expanded. My family and I come during the day and also at night since it’s well lighted, it is very safe.


Ana Yuri Cerdas.

Pretty, it allows a much better view of the beach and an improved image of the town and it also is a big attraction for the tourists.  Because of my job I come out every day and have witnessed the change in the level of activity including more people walking around here.



Ruben Pacheteau.  Tourist from the Mauricio Isles.

Oh, we didn’t know it’s new.  I find it very attractive and very well integrated into the beach scene.  I like the balance achieved between cement and nature. It’s also quite clean and a very pleasant spot to sit and admire the ocean and the beautiful sunsets.  We have been coming every evening for the 3 days we have been here.

Merrill Nelson, Californian and 10 years resident of P. del Coco.   

Ever since his arrival, Merrill has been documenting the daily life of Playas del Coco with photos.  He is something like the town’s paparazzi that is always present, camera on hand, at every community event there is.  He proudly tells us that “from the time of beginning of the demolition of the buildings 3 years ago, I have taken some 2000 pictures of this process”.

If you want to see this chronological compilation, visit his secret paparazzi identity on Facebook:   Papa Rooster




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