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New 3-4

white water rafting route 

in Guanacaste


A new challenge awaits adventurous souls in Guanacaste! In December 2012, a new and very exciting rafting route opened up along the skirts of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano.

The descent along the CucarachoRiver offers a total of 72 rapids (level 3 and 4), all grouped together in a stretch of only 18 km, on a route that starts right at the meeting of the Cucaracho with other 3 rivers: Rio Azul, Rio Penjamo and Rio Negro. After these rivers converge they form a wide river that is framed by a beautiful canyon, primary forests, frequent waterfalls and innumerable wildlife.


The companies responsible for this new attraction are Rios Tropicales, Flow Trips and Blue River Resort, which after months of research and preparation are now ready to receive visitors intrepid enough to attempt this challenging river and its intense rapids. 


Johnny Caldero director of tour operator Flow Trips – which offers adventures down many rivers in Costa Rica – explains that “this route is really unique due to its remote location, the quantity of rapids, the magnificent natural surroundings and the special dynamics of its descent, which create spectacular conditions that compare only to one other river in the country: the worldwide famous Pacuare River.”


Curious? Check out this video about this tour:


Enquiries and reservations  (506)2206 5505 (Includes optional transportation service from the beaches and hotels).

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