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An unexpected Destination...



While on our way to discover a new tourist center up the side of the Miravalles Volcano, we followed a route that offers panoramic views of Guanacaste with changing and very picturesque views.
A few miles before arriving at our destination the landscape changed drastically, with a final stretch that looked as if this was a different planet, among huge rocks masterfully carved by water and the wind.

This unusual geology of forms and colors, its frequent canyons and brooks, in addition to the large size of the rocks strewn all over the area, speak of a very  effusive telluric history, of a volcano that spoke with a strong voice in the not so distant past.

Our eyes were wide open.  The route is a good companion and enriches the trip.
We had still not reached our destination but the road was already adding good experiences.

Arriving at Rio Perdido (the Lost River) was a pleasant surprise.  A totally unexpected place… when you get there it amazes you.

Facilities crammed with good taste welcomed us.  A bioclimatic architecture where exterior light and natural ventilation abounds suggest an special vision of development.

This new thermal and adventure center, hidden among peaks and canyons is set in a private preserve of 500 acres.  The vegetation is a combination of areas of dry tropical forest with areas of dwarf forest and also some vegetation typical of humid forests in the interior of the canyons.  This is one of the things that make you take notice:  A variety of micro climates and a very heterogeneous biodiversity, something not usually found in such a compact area.

The special warm thermal waters of Perdido river, a canopy zip line route through the Blanco river canyon, mountain bike routes, hanging bridges, hiking trails, look out points and 3 thermal water pools are the attractions of this place.

There is a large restaurant that offers local cuisine with a well achieved gourmet touch.  A spa and comfortable changing rooms, all quality facilities accompanied by attentive service round out the experience.

Lost river…paradise found.

Destiny conspired to keep this place hidden for many years even from the people that lived nearby.  A collapsed bridge that was never rebuilt and already existing alternate routes, kept this thermal river and its impressive surroundings outside the modern routes and caused the area to remain just as its name implies, hidden from the sight of humans for decades.

But such was not always the case.  The large number of chorotega ceramics found in the area, are indications that indigenous people enjoyed this area since ancestral times.

As shown in aerial views, the owners of this place have conserved the surrounding forests intact, concentrating all the services in a central building that occupies only a small area of the preserve. Other areas within the preserve that were previously used for cattle rising are being recovered and reforested and over 350 acres have been placed under the supervision of Minaet as a private conservation area.

At Rio Perdido one perceives the respect for the environment.  One can tell the place was not designed to serve tourist objectives.  On the contrary, the experience was adapted to allow seeing and touring what the place already offered naturally.

For the time being, tourists can enjoy the area during day tours but by December Rio Perdido will also have rooms, which is a great thing because one day is not enough to fully explore it. 

They also offer bicycles for rent or you may bring your own.  They will soon also offer rafting and kayaking on the Rio Blanco Canyon.

We invite you to visit this place and to rediscover the Lost River.  You will have a great experience. During all 2013 they are offering introductory prices very accessible to all budgets.

Rio Perdido is a location to relax in the warm waters of its pools or the magically warmed Perdido River.  A spot to hike, to adventure, to photograph, to enjoy nature and to let yourself be seduced by her.

How to
get there:

On the Interamerican Highway, go to Bagaces where you take the route towards the town of Guayabo.  It’s 8.5 miles on this route and a little before arriving at Guayabo, turn right at the cross roads to the little town of Fortuna, continue 2.5miles on this road.  Before reaching Fortuna turn right at the cross roads towards San Bernardo, to travel the final stretch of  2.2 miles on a dirt road. (GPS: 10.592699, -85.200705)

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