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To hell with the crisis!!!!


It’s time to bring out the best in ourselves to minimize impact of the hard moments on our daily lives.  While as individuals we cannot control the financial mega effects of the recession, we can protect ourselves from their negative psychological influence.
Just as we were able to overcome the several recessions in the 20th Century, we shall also triumph over this one, the first of the new millennium. The key is to not allow ourselves to fall into a pit of gloom and lose our motivation to do the things properly.
Let the macro economy realign its pieces, make its adjustments and reactivate itself.  In the meantime, lets concentrate on protecting our micro economy, which we do have power over and where our actions can make a difference. 

Those who continue to be active, working with diligence and ready to adapt, will reap the rewards through a softened sense of the crisis.  While those who convince themselves that they won’t succeed and hence stop trying, will most certainly not succeed.
The more dynamic and creative business people will stand out while simultaneously gaining ground and market share over competitors who chose to ¨be safe¨ and therefore inactive until conditions return to normal again.

Whoever lives his or her daily life with fear of being fired, will work with no motivation, fearfully, negatively impacting their productivity and thereby increasing the chances of being looked upon as a liability rather than as a valuable asset to the company.
By contrast, he or she who stands out in their job performance will be well positioned for tenure.  An attitude that demonstrates motivation and commitment to the company during difficult times is usually highly valued and frequently becomes a shortcut to a better position when times improve.

If you choose to be among the fighters, not giving up, instead of amongst those who become unmotivated, allowing themselves to be defeated, your chances of emerging from this recession strengthened will exponentially increase. 

This does not imply that one should be blindly optimistic or naïve to their surroundings. It’s a matter of accepting without fear or panic that, indeed, there is a recession, which is not the same as being in a “crisis”.   It’s important to remember that we have experienced recessions in every decade in recent history, and have always persevered.  We must also come to terms with the fact that this recession could last for a few months or even a couple of years.  Regardless, we will have to cope with its effects for its duration.  And finally, we must understand that the effects are not isolated but is having equal impact on the entire world.

These facts lead us to a very simple conclusion: 
How the crisis will affect us will be ultimately determined by our end decisions and our actions.  We all have a chance to make a difference during these trying times, lets persevere and endure. ! Everyone starts out on equal grounds. 
It is how we behave on these grounds what will finally mark the difference. Lets persevere!



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