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Turtles journey

 Text by: Andrés Benavente
Photos by: Diego Mejías


We have existed on this planet for over 200 million years.  We were on Earth even before the dinosaurs.


It was actually as a result of running from these voracious creatures that our ancestors went to live in the ocean.


Nowadays, when we are born, we are still faced with many dangers. Birds, crabs and other carnivorous animals await our birth. Even before we are born…crabs, birds, dogs and other anxious predators attempt to consume our eggs…


But we have survived 200 million years of various threats. 

Nothing that is part of nature will defeat us.
  Our evolution parallels its rhythm…

Today, we have returned to lay our eggs on the beach where we first saw light.

Upon birth, our young will find their way to the ocean where they will spread their wings, to travel in the oceanic immensity for years to come.


    After a long and dangerous way by sand, as soon as the turtles touch the sea, they will swim without stopping for several miles, until they find a barge of floating algae where they will finally be able to rest.

But they will never forget Playa Ostional.
One day they will return to these same sands, to lay their own eggs and once more start... the historical and eternal cycle.

Inspired by the film “Turtle: The Incredible Journey”, an impressive and award winning documentary which follows the odyssey of newborn turtles until the day they return to lay their eggs at the same beach where they were born.


It is a beautiful documentary that shows the grandiosity of the oceans and also the risks faced by marine life.
A scientific and cinematographic piece of art.


We invite you to watch the complete documentary in English.
(79 minutes)
    You can see it in Spanish clicking here.

We recommend to press Play and then pause it for a few seconds to load.

Only 1 out of every 5,000 turtles born will reach adulthood.

For this reason in Costa Rica and around the world, many organizations work to protect the entire reproduction process, from the laying of eggs to the new offspring’s first entrance into the ocean.


We want to invite you to meet the job that Pretoma (Sea Turtles Restoring Program) do in Costa Rica.  



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