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 There is a World Class Marina in Guanacaste

Secluded in an internal bay nestled in the Gulf of Papagayo, away from the perils of hurricanes and protected in a cove privileged with beauty and calm waters, one finds the impressive Marina Papagayo, the new nautical gateway to Guanacaste.


Just barely a few months after its inauguration, it is already recognized and renowned as one of the safest marinas in the region. Once all its phases are finished, it will also be distinguished as the most complete, luxurious and modern nautical resort in all the Central American Pacific.
With a strategic location at only 400 nautical miles from the Panama Canal, this progressive marina comes as the solution to the increased influx of private yachts to Costa Rica and as a response to the demand for higher standards for nautical services in the region.  It also becomes an interesting shelter alternative for boat owners who are unhappy with  crowded and ever more costly marinas in the U.S. and as a solution for those who seek to keep their vessels in an area safe from the big storms and  high waves that frequently cause devastation to the boats they meet in their path.
The marina is complete with all the necessary installations to handle the multiple needs of the sailors and their vessels.  The first phase already boasts 180 operational slips to berth small sports boats and mega yachts of up to 240 feet. Following the development of the second phase, it will be capable of handling an additional 200 boats, at which time it will become the largest marina in the country with a total of 380 slips.

Much more than a modern loading dock
marina_area_39In the area around the marina, a luxurious but picturesque coastal villa is being developed which will include condominiums, restaurants, boutiques, a yacht club, a pre-Columbian museum, cafeterias and art galleries amongst other attractions.  Also under construction is an elegant apartment complex as well as ocean view residences. Those who purchase residences at the marina, along with their marina membership, will have access to the Arnold Palmer designed golf course, and to the prestigious Prieta Beach Club and Spa.

For in-transit visitors, a hotel of the Luxury Collections chain is under construction which in conjunction with the Four Season will consolidate this area as the epicenter of luxury vacations in Central America. However, in the vicinity there are also other hotel options for less ample budgets as the Gulf of Papagayo offers a wide range of boutique hotels and 4 stars resorts, both on the coastal belt closer to the marina or in the nearby communities of Playas del Coco, Hermosa and Ocotal, only 10 minutes away by sea or 40 minutes by land.

The rich waters of the Papagayo Gulf.
The Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is famous amongst diving enthusiasts for its biodiversity and abundant marine life. Sport fishing fanatics enjoy great prestige in catching large fish such as mahi-mahi, sail fish and tuna in Guanacaste.
However Guanacaste’s attractions are not all in the ocean…
Inland, an integrated destination.
The growth in Guanacaste continues as does its reputation as a luxury destination whose comprehensiveness reaches progressively higher levels. In addition to its beaming international airport ensconced in the heart of the province, today it also boasts a world class nautical port, tens of 4 and 5 star resorts, challenging golf courses and all the services that demanding tourists require for an unforgettable stay.

All this tourist development is due to the seductive nature of the area, remarkable in all aspects, as the home to an immense diversity of life on land and ocean.  The province also enjoys a privileged climate (over 200 days of sunshine a year, guaranteed!) and a geography that includes hundreds of paradisiacal beaches, extensive forests and large tropical savannahs crisscrossed by a mountain range that hosts several active volcanoes.  

As previously noted, its coasts are an ideal destination for the enjoyment of diving and sport fishing, but also for those who enjoy surfing, having several internationally renowned sites.  Tens of national parks, private wild life preserves and sanctuaries allow tourists to partake in close contact with the rich and colorful flora and fauna of the tropics.  
Canopy tours, rafting, diving, photographic river safaris, snorkeling, surfing, sport fishing, sailing, quads and jet skiing tours, cultural or eco-tourism activities, are just some of the astounding activities offered to the tourists that visit this paradise.

A seal of responsibility.
The Marina Papagayo, developed by Ecodesarrollo Papagayo, boasts the same seal of respect for the environment, society and the local culture that the company has prided itself in throughout each of the projects it has undertaken so far.  Ecodesarrollo Papagayo, the main concessionaire of the Polo Turistico Golfo de Papagayo (The Papagayo Gulf Tourist Project), continues to demonstrate through all of its actions that tourism development and respect for the environment can be completely compatible.

Utopia consulted biologists, divers and environmentalists that are familiar with the project and all agreed that if there is a right way to build a marina, Marina Papagayo had accomplished it.  It’s that simple.
Each construction phase minimized all aspects of potential environmental impact.  An example of this is that in its construction, in addition to architects and engineers, there was participation by geologists, zoologists, marine and land biologists, an expert in geomorphology, a marine chemist,  a sociologist and even a team of archeologists to study and handle in an optimum manner the traces of pre-Columbian objects found in the site.
Thanks to the utilization of advanced tools and cutting edge infrastructure and technologies, there has been practically no marine impact, and the amount and biodiversity of life in the water in the vicinity has actually increased.  This is caused in large part by the new protected areas formed by the docks.  All the docks are floating docks and hence there are no buried pylons, rusting nails or traces of varnish in the water.  On the strip that needed filling in, a system of  “curtains” was used to contain the dispersing of sediments, thus keeping the material confined to the areas where they need to be.

Seeking to operate in an equally clean manner, the marina has acquired the most modern and environmentally safe equipment for the loading of fuel and equally so for the systems used to treat the residual water from the boats. Only biodegradable oils will be used and all the residue generated will be recycled.

Services available at the marina:
-On site immigration and customs services.
-Ultra-fast fueling station.
-Wi-Fi internet, cable TV, electricity and telephone connections.
-Boat repair service.
-Water refilling.
-Concierge and maid services.
-Dry docks.
-Services and recreational areas for the crew.

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Alain Mouquet ( 26/08/2015
Awsome magasine! Always find accurate informations and the pictures are amazing!


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